Day: May 15, 2021

Drug Testing, Screening and Driving RequirementsDrug Testing, Screening and Driving Requirements

Drug Testing, random background checks and mandatory minimums vary from one state to the next. Charlotte NC expert drug testing Management and mandatory sentencing guidelines vary from one jurisdiction to the next. Many states require individuals to undergo drug testing or ignition interlock device testing prior to the issuance of a driver’s license in an effort to reduce traffic accidents. While a person does have a legal right to refuse testing, doing so will result in fines and or jail time. If a person is caught with drugs or alcohol in their system during a routine drug or alcohol test, it can also result in additional charges such as possession of marijuana or heroin, for example.

The Increasing prevalence of Drug Testing at Work

Some states have various methods of testing drivers at specific times such as mandatory driving courses, classroom and onsite testing, blood draws, urine tests and breath tests. Drug testing and random background checks can also be performed by private companies that perform these tests for local law enforcement agencies, correctional facilities and probation and parole departments. A number of private laboratories are now offering in-home drug testing kits that can be delivered directly to the individual to perform at home. Drug testing kits for the home can be purchased online or from local retailers such as Wal-Mart or Target.

Most common forms of drug testing are urine testing kits, saliva testing kits and blood testing kits. However, in some cases a more advanced form of drug testing called drug screening can be done. Drug screening is performed through finger pricking, oral fluid screening or breathalyzer testing where the individual is required to blow into a device that computes the percentage of alcohol in the blood, or a vial that tests for the presence of alcohol in the saliva. In recent years many communities have made it mandatory for those seeking a job to submit to random alcohol and drug screening prior to being hired.